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Put your growth on autopilot with done-for-you newsletter management from LetterCoach

Our newsletters did for us what our ads and website couldn't do; our newsletters made us sales!

Having a mailing list is the best asset your business can have!
You see, when you grow your own audience you no longer have to pay to reach them. When you're buying facebook ads, you're simply renting access to their audience. When you stop paying facebook for those ads, your access to those customers goes away. Owning your own list is the only way you can guarantee access to your audience.

When you have a way to capture the people who have clicked on your ad you're maximizing the opportunities to sell to them. As part of your audience you no longer have to pay to interact with them.

You see, I used to be just like you, I had a product that I was trying to sell, and month after month I poured money into ads.

It was working I guess, I mean, I was making sales after all. I just seemed to be spending a lot on ads and not seeing huge results.

So I started going through my stats, looking at my metrics I discovered that the majority of the people who did not purchase on their first visit had signed up for my newsletter and had purchased after opening at least one newsletter issue.

🤔 Hmm... If they were not buying right away that meant that I still had to earn their trust. I had to show them that the problem they were having was one that I too had experienced and therefore my solution was credible.

However, I couldn't keep paying for ads everytime I wanted to reach them again, and if I couldn't sell them on the first visit... This wasn't going to work

💡 Aha! Lightbulb moment! 💡

If I could get them on my newsletter I could engage with them again for free whenever I wanted, I simply needed to get them on my list on that first visit!

And I did, after a lot of trial and error I nailed the methods that reliably subscribed my visitors to my mailing list. That change took my company from making a sale or two per week to doing dozens of sales per day. By simply getting them on my list and building a relationship I was able to build a company that was profitable (and attractive, it was aquired in 2014) and a joy to work at. That mailing list changed my life.

Here at LetterCoach, we'll be your partner in growth and content curation.

We'll make sure your newsletters are engaging, informative and most importantly that they establish you as the defacto choice when it comes to purchasing the product or service you have to offer. We'll help you outpace your competition and make it easy to reach your customers whenever you please.

We'll help you with all the hard stuff:

  • We'll build your signup forms and landing pages
  • We'll make sure your capitalizing on every visitor
  • We'll help you write your weekly newsletter and curate articles
  • We'll monitor your engagement rates to make sure the list is healthy
  • We'll identify key influencers on your list for potential partnerships and help with outreach
  • We'll apply our bespoke techniques to accelerate your list's growth
  • We'll even help you reply to sales enquires as they come in and provide with closing help!

Let's Grow your list and make you more sales!

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